Clock Repair and Sensitive Restoration of Antique Timepieces

Our Goal For You

 At The Clock Guy, it is understood that it can take a great deal of effort in keeping an antique clock running. TCG also knows that people can receive clocks that haven't worked in years. Over time, dust accumulates, existing lubricants thicken and become gooy and will cause the clock to stop .  Gears can rust through moisture variants, bushings wear down from lack of lubrication or perhaps  the clock runs but the chimes you love to hear throughout your house wont ring anymore.  Any number of clock problems may arise and your precious timepiece just stops! When unforeseen circumstances befall your antique clock, The Clock Guy is prepared to get to the bottom of the problem, get it up and running like new, all while maintaining your clock’s beautiful antique appearance.  The Clock Guy will also repair and restore your new or vintage quartz movement clocks.

New and Antique Clock Repair

The Clock Guy will repair and/or restore any size mantle, wall, cuckoo and just about any other clock that can be brought in by appointment or shipped to my full service shop. I also offer, up to 50 miles, home service calls for large clock repair such as grandfathers, grandmothers and large wall clocks. I will repair and restore  your antique grandfather clock and provide you with the continuing beauty and pleasure that your exquisite time piece provides. I am completely qualified and insured to work on absolutely any type of clock including carriage clocks and electric clocks and  I will also educate you on how to set your clock, positioning and leveling it, getting the "tick" just right and all the nessesary details to allow you to enjoy years of unfailing time keeping. If you have any questions for The Clock Guy, you can contact  at

Antique Clock Restorations

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