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Whether you're looking for expert, sensitive restoration for an old grandfather clock or a basic cleaning and oiling of your grandmother's mantel clock, please contact us at  The Clock Guy.

Have a look at our  full range of clock related services:

  • Ultrasonic cleaning

  • Oiling, lubricating and regulating

  • Complete Overhaul

  • Case refurbishing and/or  restoration

  • Full Service Repair

  • Specializing in antique tall case clock care

  • Local clock moving - distance negotiable

  • Grandfather Clock Prep-For-Moving Service.   The Clock Guy will come to your home and 'prep' your antique clock before you move out of state. For example:  Movers frequently want GF clocks "prepped" prior to moving so they don't inadvertanly damage them. To prep the clock for moving,  the pendulum and suspension spring are removed, weights are secured, the chime rods dampened, and the movement protected in order to guarantee the safety of the clock while in transit.  Or, the entire movement can be packed up separately after servicing. The Clock Guy prepares your clock so that movers can move it just like another piece of your valued  furniture so it will arrive at your new home all safe and sound. 


We are absolutely sure you will be thrilled to have a skilled, trustworthy and reliable clock service like The Clock Guy to maintain your valuable timepieces for years to come.

We are also full insured (certificate on file) to care for these very old and expensive movements.


  • Our fully insured Grandfather Clock Home Service is unprecedented and unrivaled. Not only will we come to your home (for a VERY affordable Home Service fee), but we will assess your grandfather or grandmother clock and estimate the charges. Then, upon approval of the estimate, we will either perform an in-house overhaul or if need be, we will transport the movement, weights and pendulum back to our full service shop for an ultrasonic cleaning & oiling, lubricating, adjustments or repairs. The icing on the cake is when we polish up the case after the movement  is reinstalled to REALLY bring your priceless timepiece back to life.


Expert Workmanship and Customer Service

Sterling customer service is the order of the day when you have work done on your valued time piece by The Clock Guy. All of our work is backed by our Service Care Promise*  so you can rest assured our repairs will hold up. If we see you before your next cleaning and oiling  then we're not doing our job. So we do it right the first time!  Remember you can email The Clock Guy with any questions you may have at info@theclockguy.net

*  We stand by all repairs and will make every effort to get your clock running. But some clock movements may need to be replaced.


We would be happy to provide you with more details about our company and what we can do for you. Contact us at info@theclockguy.net or use our contact form.


Fully Insured!

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**  I am currently NOT buying or selling clocks, and I don't do anniversary clocks or novelty clocks.  I will replace quartz/battery movements. **


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